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Friday, June 30, 2017

And you're not allowed to hurt me anymore

I don't know you anymore. We used to talk every day. I used to be a part of your life. I was involved with my grandkids and I loved every minute. We built habitats, played in the dollhouse, caught bugs, raised pollywogs and butterflies.
I miss you. I miss long talks and lunch out, and you coming over for breakfast...remember toad in the hole? Coffee and scones? I miss you, I miss us.
I have to let go. You don't want me around, you think I am a big joke. You let me down on your wedding day too. The pig didn't belong in the front row wearing the mother's corsage. You are my child.
I am hurt. I am used to being tossed aside by my family, but never you.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Oh! And it's tortured alrighty

Not a good day for my angst ridden self.
The wedding day of my daughter. I wasn't involved in any way. I wasn't asked. I thought I was ok with that. My kids are rarely traditional. There was EH. I handled the situation ok. My sweet husband Andyroo went over and greeted EH. I wandered around looking for my daughter. She looked lovely and I was happy she found someone who gets her and completes her.
I'm still feeling closed out and uncomfortable. Here is many people I love and care about and I realize how little most care about me. Hard for me to understand, do I drive people away? I don't want to. I struggled with words when talking to guests yesterday, my words tangling into unintelligent sounds. People tend to walk away instead of waiting for me to get my words out.
Once again I realize how little I matter here. Once again I remind myself in a stern voice that this day is not about me and my imagined inadequacy. This is my little girls special day. I turn back to Andyroo my rock, my hero, my friend who gets me and completes me. I tell him I am going to find a seat.
There was the arbor waiting for the ceremony to begin. There were the brides maids chatting and the groom's mom wandering around taking charge in gentle efficient way. I love that lady so friendly and welcoming. And there at the front was the pig. Standing in swine-like authority already trying to take charge of the day.
I felt bile rise in my throat. If she was in the wedding that would be too much. I don't think I could handle that. Andy whispered in my ear. He had seen her too. He said, " you know people always begin to look like what they are when they age, and she certainly looks like the pig she is. "
God bless him.
I do believe that a young lovely person who is evil, will begin to look evil as they age. Youth and good looks are a cover. That is why you can trust most older people who look kind.
But I digress.
Well the pig wasn't in the wedding but she took up two seats in the front row and sat with MY granddaughters. I should have been in the front seat cheering MY daughter on, not that pig.
And the twenty plus years that I thought was plenty of time to get over the hurt and betrayal of a best friend and husband came back and hit me square in the face. I did not feel gracious I did not feel strong.
It all came back. Pig taking over my house, husband, kids, even the birth of my grandkids, yes she was there fighting for attention and pushing me away from my daughter,and here she is again, I admit I was too weak to push my way in. I also refuse to make a scene. So I kissed my daughter after the wedding and said I can't stay. My son called shortly after we made our getaway. Mom! Get over here they want a picture of you and Janelle. I said I can't I've left. He was irritated with me. I said cut a picture of my face and stick it on the photo. I know, I sounded like an asshole.
Now today I feel an overwhelming need to apologize. It is not the pig's fault I was a jerk that is all on me. However I will say in my defence they should not allow livestock in weddings.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Snowy day January 23, 2017

I really did it yesterday.
Jack Crow wasn't eating and I was worried he would die.  It was warmer than usual, I told Daine I wanted to take the bird outside to a woodsy place and let him get some exercise. I thought it would stimulate his appetite. Daine said it sounded like a terrible idea and that I don't realize how fast the bird can run.
He did as I asked anyway. We locked up the dogs and cats and carried Jack Crow outside.
Jack did take off running full speed and launched himself into some scrub trees overlooking the creek, which I might add is high and swift this time of year.
I decided if I tried to fetch him he would fall into the creek and only having one wing would be detrimental to his survival. His wing fell off while he was walking so I know absolutely without question it will never heal.
So not really having any options I decided to let him hangout in the scrub and I would check on him periodically. Daine just shook his head and we went back inside.
I checked on Jack every thirty minutes. He was still sitting in the bush. About 2 hours into his excursion the weather began to change and I wanted to get the bird and bring him inside.
I went outside and my ingenious bird dog had snuck out behind me. Sherman did his job and flushed out the bird. The bird took off and sherman chased it to the creek.
 I'm yelling Sherman! In my fiercest voice, of course Sherman is ignoring me, he is delighted to be chasing a bird.
I couldn't see where Jack had went, and Sherman ran up the bank and crossed the bridge to see if the bird was floating down stream. Sherman stared at the water for quite a few minutes and so I was sure the crow had come to an untimely demise, and it was all my fault.
I couldn't accept that, so I checked the banks of the creek and the area I had last seen Jack.
I made a shelter of a tote full of straw near his last place and hoped he could get to it if he was still alive. I went outside every thirty minutes and searched. Then... I saw him, he was clinging to the bank where Sherman had chased him and he must not have gone into the water. Sherman ran up the bank and through the woods and grabbed the crow by the head and picked him up. I yelled "Drop It!" The only command Sherman obeys. I noticed Jack moved so I called my bird dog and ran into the house to locate my teenager. Daine sighed heavily, put on his boots and climbed down the side the hill toward the creek with a African woven basket in hand. He picked up Jack Crow and put him in the basket and climbed slipping and sliding up the steep icy bank. I kept thinking this is not going to end well. But somehow we got the bird home safely and no one ended up in the creek. Jack clung to my glove and would not let go. Daine gently pride each claw and put him in the bird cage, since then Jack has been eating like a pig.
Happy ending and thank God for teenage boys.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

I don't want to clean house today, so I will tell you the saga of the crow. He was brought to me with a broken wing, the rumor is I save animals. 
The young woman had called bird sanctuaries and animal control and the contention was to kill it. She had painstakingly saved it from a determined cat and was not about to have it killed, so now I have him.
I also have 3 cats, 5 dogs, and 10 chickens but I digress.
When she brought me the bird he was wrapped up in a tee shirt and didn't move or squawk. We put him in at large dog crate that I had lined with thick bath towels. He laid on his side with the wing stuck out at a right angle from his body. I told the girl, he has lost a lot of blood, is in shock and I don't expect him to live through the night.
I told her i would text her his progress or demise.
He got better and eventually put his wing next to his side. I hunted for a second hand bird cage and put him in that. He eats everything and silently watches me. I put the dogs and cats away and let him run around the house,but he doesn't seem to like that much. I put a tree branch in his cage but he doesn't climb. It occurred to me that he isn't a hook bill so probably won't climb.
I don't really know what to do with him. He can't live in a small cage and I can't turn him loose in the woods. We have a bird sanctuary called Lake Lowell. He could probably get on there even though flightless. My other thought is to build him an outdoor enclosure. I just don't know.
I've had him about a month now and he has been silent. I play bird sounds for him and he doesn't respond. When I pick him up he doesn't bite, which I would expect a wild bird to do.
Daine said maybe the bird is brain damaged.
However yesterday the squirrels outside were having a loud dispute and he started cawing, so this seems like progress.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

I have always been proud to be American, but now I don't see how I can live in a country full of idiots that put a jackass in the white house.
How do I move to Scotland?
I would wager that Trump will be impeached before he finishes his term.
But the damage is done and I am ashamed of America. What did they think? This is not a reality show being sponsored by Jerry Springer!
I will be arriving with 5 dogs, 3 cats, and 10 chickens.
Scotsman Glena

Monday, August 08, 2016

Forty year reunion and what to wear?

     I wished you were here to say, "No, that makes your butt look too big, I think that skirt suits you better." My kids are no help. When they were younger they seemed to be, but I remember they either dressed me up like a punk rocker, or an elderly lady. Hmmm maybe they weren't any help after all.
I'm not trying to impress anyone, it's just that I want to be the best Glena I can be. I want to feel comfortable and enjoy myself and not think about my nagging low self-esteem. And I want the ability to be quiet and listen.
Granted I'm topping the 210 mark, don't tell Andy he has no idea how much I weigh, I lie on my drivers license, it says 180. The lady at the DMV snorted when she saw that! 😂
But. I'm still unsure what to wear. Probably the A-line skirt... black unfortunately. I adore bright colors, but most things in the lard ass size are black!! Like we are mourning our past thinner self.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Facebook drama

I didn't mean to hurt Your feelings over your stupid plastic spoon tree. Obviously tonya has spoken negatively about me or you wouldn't have jumped my shit on facebook when you don't know me.
No I don't feel like making a tree to see if mine is better, how stupid! I think they're garbage so I won't waste my time. No I am not going to put all my craft ideas up for you to judge. I have many failures and I can laugh about them. Also I can tell you are a piece of shit and not worth the space it takes to explain all this to you.
Thank Goodness I don't have to deal with you ever again.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Kracky the Krackhead

   Parasitic Dead green eyes,that look out with little emotion. she says what will get the most sympathy from her victims. Her Story changes minute to minute. She Does not ever apologise or accept she has ever wronged anyone.    She feels entitled to what she takes.  She seems to be about 13 years old, but is actually over 50. I feel compelled to update you on facts. I am upset that Chelsea thinks she can judge Andy's actions. Kathy showed up at our house high. I told her I love her but I have a No tolerance for drug's on my property. I watch my grandkids here for petes sake!   i told kathy, Andy would take her anywhere she wanted to go, but she could not stay at my house as long as she is using. One does not get cancer of the sciatic nerve. One does not get shipped to Utah for surgery. One does however get boils on her back from shooting drugs in there to hide needle marks. Big surprise, Kathy lies again. We have helped Kathy. Fed her, took her supplies, bought her TWO trucks, just to name a few small things, but she will never live with us.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Random Oddness

Robbie Burns Night. I didn't plan a big family dinner this year. No haggis. Listening to Bananarama on Pandora,ate a bag of pretzles I don't even like them. Made a bead necklace for an old Barbie doll from my youth. and..I think I should get off my butt and take a walk, but my walking buddy is with Andy. Pandora plays too much Depeche Mode.

Monday, November 10, 2014

as time passes

Time may seem to pause,but it merely passes.You find you are in your late fifties pushing sixty with the dreams of a twenty year old wondering "what the hell"?
 You learn more about yourself.Stuff you would have found useful when you were young, but must be grateful you know now. Useful stuff like never loan out things you want to keep.Otherwise the shock wears off.

Sunday, November 09, 2014


Cranky secretive forgetful arguementive changeable undependable distant unloving short tempered BORING.
I am not talking about me. I can live like this because he is not cruel. Something is going on with him, but I don't know what it is. Thank YOU Bitch Otter we don't have health insurance because of you.
Andy needs to see a doctor or a coroner.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Thursday, April 24, 2014

maybe I shouldn't have done that.

oh yeah it's permanent.
Thankful that I am not job hunting. The Chorkie was upset, I thought she was going to bite me. I thought dogs were color blind??

Audrey see's purple and she doesn't like it.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

it is the lament of my old age.

I am ready to do what I want. I have kids five days a week, and this generation, has poor English skills, poor hygiene, no gratitude or empathy. Are a real drag. This generation will not outlive their grandparents.
I haven't decided the cause of their demise yet.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

I'm in an Oregon state of mind.
Missing the sand and the sea, and wondering if I will ever live there again? Today I thought about looking for jobs in Newport. I am sure the prospects would be slim, coastal town, and me being an antique.
Might look anyway.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

gawd it's May

trying to  post from my kindle. it's a royal pain picking out  letters with a stylus,and it keeps correcting me. changing my words in a helpful manner.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

I am not productive

Partly its the leg pain, partly its my gut not feeling right today, maybe the incessant rain, the dust that needs removing, the floor needs vacuuming, the kitchen needs mopping, the bathroom too. I want to create something beautiful, I don't want to spend Sunday cleaning yet again... maybe I should take a walk.
I had been turning the light bar on every morning at six AM. This weekend I just got out of bed instead, and I think... maybe it had made a difference to run the light bar for fifteen minutes before arising. CUZ I'm blue. But work sux, there is a bad vibe, one client who was especially difficult in a manipulative way has been reassigned and I wonder if I am getting bad press at work. sometimes its not what you do or how you are it is what THEY think you are and how they think you act, often no facts are needed for their opinions.
I got contraband chickens too, they are not slum lord approved, if we get caught he will ask us to remove them, and I would rather move with the birds secured in a box to a new place then get rid of the girls. Mary Jane, Ruby, Apple and Max. Max thought she was a rooster for awhile but seems to be acting more hen-ish now. The girls are making a big production over laying and egg, this does let the neighbors know there is a small chicken farm in the back yard. I told them to keep a low profile.
NO one listens to me including birds, and I am most often right.
I am going to take a warm bath and see if that improves my mood.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


In March Sherman, will be eight years old. He wants to visit the Ocean like we do every year. I am leaning toward weezling out, but I think Andy wants to go. Last night Andy put a recording of the sea on Youtube, and played it for a half hour. Sherman sat very still with a dreamy expression on his face. He loves the sea nearly as much as he loves me.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

November Sky 2011

Newport 2012

August Morning 2012

Brookings Beach 2012

November Moon 2011
Newport 3, 2011
Redwoods 2012

Friday, July 13, 2012

WHY I hate customer service

I set up automatic bill pay last month, I was certain it would work. Today I find that the Century link bill for internet is still not paid, so I call customer service and got someone in Idaho! YAY.
She was very helpful she set up auto bill pay for me and gave me a number to show it had been done
C24170602 Verification Number.
She said, “I cannot pay your bill but I can put you into the auto service that is free of charge and you can pay your bill there. I got through and I typed my account number into the system as it requested, then it said, I am sorry; I will put you through to customer service. Then I get grumpy Gus who would obviously be out riding his skateboard if he did not have to deal with annoying customers, he specializes in passing the buck. He did not wish to help me pay my bill, it would be an extra four dollars, and he would put me through to the automated service…again. The auto service as I tried to type in my account number into the system, yelled, ‘I’m Sorry!” and put me back to customer service, who cannot help me pay my bill because it will cost another four dollars…
SOOO lets try online, we can get into my account from that point. I think. Anyway, I “Clicked” here to get the chat, but that wouldn’t open, I clicked on my account so that I could set up auto-pay as it shows that I am NOT set up for as said earlier… BIG SURPRISE!! Chat puts you into the help yourself asshole weblink, I GAVE up and paid my bill, two days late, and Century link you can kiss my ass, I have wasted 45 minutes of my morning playing with you.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

I don't like new. I like simple, this new blog format is a pain in the ass. Ten minutes I am out the door, I wanted to drop a quick note, instead I get caught up in all kinds of online delights, faerie houses, vintage glasses, art projects for the criminally insane, things to do to your cat, and so on.
I have officially gone around the bend. Wish me luck.

Friday, May 25, 2012


Another birthday gone by.
Fifty five.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wow, it's march, and I am wondering where the time is going. The days march on, I am wondering how to quit my job and still thrive. I need to rid myself of stress, this means I don't want to surround myself with toxic people, most of them live around the job site, most of them feel entitled and on the side of the RIGHT. I think they can get along quite well without me, no one wanted my impute anyway. It is tiring flying under the radar. There is so much I would like to be doing.
Today Andy and I are going to freddies to buy a little green house, I am ready to start seeds and get my hands in the dirt.
Today is my beloved pet's birthday. Sherman and Phantom James are both seven years old.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

And other Shtuff

I thought I should leave the house today, but something holds me back. I think I am going to nest today, maybe make some of those cake balls that I have been meaning to make, meanwhile, I am hungry, what's for lunch?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Sammie Burgers

Pantry Food
‎14.75 oz can of Pink Salmon
1 cup seasoned dry bread crumbs
1 small bunch of chopped green onion
1 clove garlic (smooshed)
2 eggs
3 T. Mayonnaise
1/4 t dried lemon
1/4 cup dried onion
1 T parsley
2 t Dill weed
2 T olive oil
1/2 Cup of dry sherry
sprinkle of sea salt to taste
ground fresh pepper
Several thin slices of Jarlsberg Swiss Cheese.
Drain the salmon, mix all ingredients in a bowl. Get the skillet hot with a dab of olive oil. make small patties, fry till golden on each side, the slice Jarlsberg Swiss cheese thinly and place on each patty, let it melt

Time Warp, and I am my Mother

It was odd going to Robert's funeral, his daughter was my best friend  through school since the third grade. We lost touch in later years, her mother died from cancer, I was trying to survive being married to Michael.
Her youngest sister told me that their dad had died and the funeral was at 11 AM on a Friday. I told Andy I thought I should go, I never told anyone I was going, its a small town and I just wanted to slip in and leave un-noticed... Good Plan in theory anyway.
Dianna the friend I had known since I was 9 years old, saw me from a distance, and she came running down the hill from the graveside, and started talking rapidly to me, I didn't understand what she was saying, nor did I recognize her. She had always been skinny, but food had been good to her in later years. she said, she was in a state of shock, she had thought she had seen a ghost, she thought Jean had come back from the grave to say goodbye to her Dad.
She was visibly shaken, I forget sometimes that I look "that" much like her, as I didn't think I looked like her when I was younger.
I had my hair pinned up in front and long down the back, dyed a subtle blondish shade, I was wearing a bright suit jacket and black slacks, and I thought, she probably would have worn the ensemble as well SIGH... I have turned into my mother.
The hardest part for me at the funeral was I had known most of the people thirty years ago when they were young, and it was like a time warp, I suddenly in the future with all these old people that I had only known when they were younger then I was now.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Green Boy

\A'tuin -Thanks to Becky from work for bringing him to me to take care of. Her husband found him walking down the highway and knew the turtle must be saved. I thought it was a tortoise, but after giving him a soak, he turned very green with red streaks on his cheeks, HA! Red Eared Slider.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My big Happy

Pumpkins and fall colors, puppies, and cats. Halloween, and Samhain, The fresh smell in the air, the shorter days.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Oh how I dislike, embrace CHANGE

I am smothered, I am craving creativity, I want to be the person I imagine myself to be.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

simple Simon met a pie man going to the fair. 
Said Simple Simon to the pie man,
'What have you got there?'
Said the pie man unto Simon,
'Pies, you dumb ass' !! 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Time is a wasting

We always say in our family that funerals are family reunions. Makes us remember to visit those people we think of Now, instead of later

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

bad to worse

Something I didn't know; My dog was vaccinated by the Meridian Animal control in Feb. of this year, and she has nearly died of Parvo this week. My vet thinks the shots may have become room temperature before they were administered rendering them ineffective. I called Animal control and left a message, they have not returned my calls. I told them it wasn't about money, its about innocent dogs and owners suffering. If I had known that she wasn't safe, I would have had the vet vaccinate her, and I wouldn't have taken her to the dog park twice a day. Lucy can't keep anything down, I was giving her teaspoons of live bacteria yogurt and water, but if the dog cannot keep food down, the only thing is a tube with saline and electrolytes in their veins.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What is new

We moved two doors down. Daine and I were living in a 550 square foot apartment, I felt like a hoarder, books and movies piled systematically on overbearing book shelves, but the matter is remedied. After animal sacrifice and voodoo the hag moved out of the house and I asked the landlord to carry our lease over. He agreed. It's over 1100 square feet, and everything is now fitting nicely. Wished I hadn't given away several hundred books in the last move, ha ha. (Exaggeration)

We have a new dog named Lucy, she is half Lab and half Dachshund. We call her a doxydor. Sherman the cocker is five.
Then we have Phantom James (25 lbs) Nodkin (15lbs) and Geilais (8lbs) Cats.
    Yesterday I went to Boise Psychologist Dr. Scott Armentrout for a follow up on Daine's I Q tests. He said Daine is the highest IQ that he has ever tested in his whole career. A 100 is normal in the range of verbal communication and understanding, on that alone Daine scored 149. Armentrout says Daine will probably not do well in school because of the way he is wired, he remembers everything but is disorganized and doesn't like to keep a journal as required by school personel. Daine does difficult math sums in his head, reads on a college level, and gets placed in gifted and talented classes, which he doesn't pass. They want me to sit on him and make him do his homework, I will not, Daine must make his own choices.
I am trying to get him into an alternative school called Idaho Arts. I worked there five days a week with an aspergers kid a type of autism) who was 6 years old at the time. I like the fast pace and the teachers who think out of the box, I knew it would be a good fit for Daine. 
Otherwise its going to be another four years of hell keeping him motivated in regular school. So far he is a brilliant happy kid, but is prone to depression and a feeling of being overwhelmed. He writes his own blog on Video games that he tests. Last year he was about 4 ft 11, this year he is five foot 11 and still growing, I think he is going to be over six foot tall by the end of summer.


Monday, May 09, 2011

My Saturday

I need a little cheese with my WHINE. I think it was Elaine Boozler who said, : "Housework if done properly can kill you." I say this as I try and type with my left hand and three fingers on my right hand. Everything is NOT in sync. I decided to eradicate mold on Saturday, I took all the curtains down and cleaned the windows with bleach and water. After the curtains were washed I slid Daine's curtains back on the metal retractable rod. It was stuck. I push and pulled I got a screwdriver. I thought, "Oh this isn't a good idea the screw driver could slip and cut me." Famous last words, the rod slipped and sliced through my finger at the knuckle. Blood sprayed everywhere, I chanced a look, I could see blue and white things, I felt faint. Daine was busy typing on his keyboard. I yelled "Band aid" Lesson number two...of which I didn't state lesson number one. One should NEVER and I repeat NEVER keep the first aid kit where no one else in the house knows where to find it. After that, it all got a bit hazy, however Andy came and took me to emergency, I vowed I would clean up the mess when I got home, knowing full well it would be there when I got back. four hours in the was national druggy day, and there were several of them faking migraines so they could get pain meds. I felt impatient with them.. I had stopped the bleeding but at this rate the doctor would have to reopen the wound to stitch it. When an EMT came into the waiting room to look at the wound she said, "OH! I only see a hairline scratch." Then she pulled it open and gasped... she said "I see the tendon." I said that was ok I wasn't going to look, it made me whoozy. It was finally stitched up around Five PM. four stitches. I had been there since One. Ahh well, Drug Addicts need love too, but I was not feeling very kindly toward them, neither was the Doctor that stitched me up. "Hazards of the job" she said, "it's always a party on Saturday, next time hurt yourself on a weekday." I thanked her for the advice and went out and waited for my ride to show up. Three days off work and a week of light duty... Can't afford this... BUT I am scared about re-opening the wound. So I will obey Dr.s Orders. The Norco had kicked in and the Tetanus shot hadn't started to hurt yet, so when I got home, I finished hanging the curtains and decided to take the trash out, I can do that with one hand. The assholes next door are cutting down all the lovely 30 foot catalpa trees, and have left branches all along the path where I walk to take the garbage to that alley. I surveyed the path carefully, I can do this... I tripped over a branch and down I went,landing on my face and arm. I could see the jerks up in there cherry picker barely concealing their joy over my fall. I thought about removing bolts on that thing.... However I picked myself up, gathered the garbage and continued to the back alley. Sunday and Monday my injuries have kicked in, I am so stiff I can barely walk and the tetanus shot has made my whole right arm stiff. I can't walk my over exuberant dogs. Andy did the dishes for me....Daine changed the cat boxes. It could always be worse I suppose

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

My favorite Child

Janelle you are my favorite because you are truthful and loyal. You are my first, you are my teacher and my return to reality. Your humor keeps me going, I loved you at first sight 30 something years ago.
Chelsie, you are my favorite because you were my baby. You are the child of my heart, the one who finished my sentences, the one with a huge imagination and plots to conquer the world and all its trolls. You are sunshine and gladness.
Daine you are my favorite because you are the child of my old age. You keep me young and open minded, you are so smart and witty, it blows me away that you are my little boy, not so little anymore.
You are all my favorite.
Love Mom

Saturday, April 09, 2011


It is Saturday night, and I am deceptive. Two scotch's down, and I wish my stomach would permit two more, it will not.
Deceptive because I pretend to care about things that I do not care about. I spent money today that I should have saved for bills, and I am not remorseful, however... getting a ticket from Nampa PD was unfortunate. there goes the extra dollars, that I was hanging on to. He said on the ticket I ran a red light. I did not run it, I just didn't sit at the stop sign as long as the NPD likes... I guess, anyway, this time I go to city hall and fight the ticket.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

friday, what a day

Started out my day like I always do, finish a few household errands, and run off to pick up client at his school. The gas light was on, and I knew that client would like to eat his lunch in the car, so I pulled up to the Chevron on Amity a few seconds from clients school. I called Janelle on my cell phone and jokingly said, "Do you think that the static electricy from the cell phone will ignite the gas pump while I talk to you?" we talked for a few minutes, I put a little over forty dollars in, told Janelle I would call her later, put the debit into my wallet, shoved wallet into purse, screwed the gas cap back on tight, and headed out to the Nampa Library with my kid firmly buckled in, and happily eating his lunch. This was around 11:00 AM. The client and I spent our time together, then I took him back to school, picked up Client number two, who's parent had forgotten to tell me that she was at a different location then usual, so I was five minutes late, no big deal. We went through our usual list of things to do, then went to Fred Meyers. She didn't want to shop anymore, and I told her she could play with the game boy for a few minutes then we would go into Fred Meyer and get a cookie, then to the library. It had started snowing outside, and I was glad to be sitting in the parked car's warmth. I thought I would get on facebook for a few moments while my client was watching sponge bob square pants on the game boy. Very odd, there was a message for me, it read, "I Found your debit card at the chevron, is this you?" I sent a message back that YES it was me, and gave him my phone number and told him to call me. I waited most of the afternoon, he didn't call. At first I thought, how odd it was that he kept my card, why didn't he just turn it in to the clerk at chevron? So I called the bank and had the card cancelled. there was another 99 dollar charge on my card, but the bank thought it was chevron checking to see if I had funds before allowing me to use my debit to put gas in.. which didn't really make sense anyway since it was after I had filled my car for forty dollars. 
At this time, I had noticed that I had left the headlights on while client and I were in car. The battery was now dead, and it was snowing outside. I called a towing company to come give me a jump. He did that in a few minutes, and then we were on our way. I got a new debit card at the bank. Finished Before I knew that I had been robbed 100 dollars, after work I took Lucy; the new dog to Petco for a collar and dog tag. She loved riding in the cart, and was a pretty good dog while the cart was moving, when we stopped moving she jumped out. when I went to the counter to pay for the items, she jumped out of the cart and into their treat dish on the counter, and proceeded to graze happily on dog biscuits. SO I fumbled with money, dog and leash etc. The clerk gives you tokens to make the tag in the store. I went over to the machine with dog then put on her new collar and dog tag. Then discovered that I had lost my keys. It was getting late, and I was worried that the store would close. I asked the employees, I traced my steps, but still no keys. I asked the young crack head if he has seen them, he didn't give a shit, I asked the guy with the shaved head that liked my dog if he had seen them,and he found them in one of the carts. WOO!! I went home, I thought with all the brain farts I was having I had better just go home and stay there where I was safe... for the time being.
Meanwhile I still hadn't heard anything from the guy who messaged me on facebook.\ Sunday afternoon he finally gets back to me with an elaborate story about accidentally charging 99 dollars to my debit by filling up his truck. Well I didn't buy it, I think he thought he was going to get away with using the debit, then thought about it and decided to come clean. the story doesn't wash.
After telling me this, he doesn't get a hold of me for several hours. I grow weary of this and call the Nampa Police Department. I get some stupid wet behind the ears woman detective who decides that no crime has been committed since he said he would pay me back. This of course made me angry, and I told her, you don't think un-lawful use of a debit card is illegal? "Well" she said, "he is going to pay you back." I said, "WELL, he hasn't yet, has he?" I didn't like her one bit, I think she was a fool. She called him and thought he was a nice guy. SHE has ways to get his phone number, and was very proud of that. I still hadn't heard from him by five PM.
After I talked to GD and Tonie, I texted him on facebook one more time. I said, "When were you planning on paying the money back? It is now after five o Clock, if you don't contact me in one hour I am taking measures."  That got his attention and he said, "Can you take a check?" I SAID "NO I cant take a check, they take three days to clear, and my rent will be coming out of that account, if it hasn't already." He said he was just checking.... and would meet me at a gas station with the money. He gave us the wrong address, and then when we went to the correct gas station he wasn't there. Finally we found him, driving his big gas hog dodge pick up that was filled with MY funds. He ran up to the window with his hat on backwards like the dumb ass that he is, and handed me the debit and the 100. in cash, I made a point of counting it. He said, " I really am sorry." And he yelled it, like he had hearing damage or something, I said nothing, and Sherman stuck his nose out the window to size him up. Stupid punk was all I could think.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

its not April

It seems like April. Wet cold, freeze, snow, sunshine. Odd weather.
I am seriously needing an Oregon trip. Tired.
I took a chance and asked for part time hours this summer. After all the complaining about not getting enough hours at work, I am ready for less hours.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


I feel so wistful today, I can barely think of anything to say. I had to run number one son to Boise today for the consultation with the foot specialist. I walked in at 8, because I forgot the appointment was at 8.. I was thinking ten-ish. The office staff had to pull the, "Deeply disappointed in you," Routine and would we like to re-schedule because droves of people are waiting in line to get in here and you have caused the domino effect. I pulled the "We are trashy people on medicaid, fuck-off" routine. I won. Anyway after they punished us sufficiently for twenty five minutes they got us into an exam room for more waiting. There were no droves of people that I could see. In fact the office was rather dead, it was just a game as I had suspected. After ex rays and expert opinion, and a plug for the local sports shoe shop, we found this is going to cost us plenty for orthopedic shoe inserts. My poor kid has to have them, and I have to find the money for them because medicaid doesn't cover the cost of that. Why? Not sure,
ahem, looks like that hundred I had tucked away for emergencies will go to good use for baby boys' feet.
Wish me luck, I am tiring of bullshit lately.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lost Sunday

Its a good day to be with people who love you and have similar interests. In this case we all love "Kipper the Dog" and we ordered chinese delivery, and some of us had naps.

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